The Bread and Butter. 10% Total Tax Split Between:

2% to Liquidity

Ensuring There is a
Constant Supply of Coins

6% Holders

Diamond Handing Encouraged

2% Marketing

Funding for Marketing

What is Kulors?

Kulors is the dopest coin to hit Kucoin Community Chain tracing all the way back to its inception
(You might say “well, it’s only been like two weeks so there’s not even any competition.” To which I say: shuddup, SER)

What is the point of Kulors?

To make money for everyone involved from the investors to the devs. That’s why we’re all involved in crypto


Kulors employs a 10% fee on all transactions:

  • 6% is transferred to holders increasing the size(and price) of their bag
  • 2% is transferred to the liquidity pool ensuring there are enough tokens for everyone to load up on
  • 2% is transferred to the marketing wallet

Marketing Wallet

This wallet will be scaled out in order to pay for marketing and rewards for holders.
Rewards will be given for various reasons and at various times which may or may not include and are not limited to:

  • Shilling Contests
  • Meme Contests
  • Holder Count Milestones

…or Just Because You Deserve It
Proof of every reward transaction will be posted for everyone to see and verify.